The Computational Methods Research Group at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is an interdisciplinary community of graduate students interested in computational methods and its application in the social sciences. Members of our group have many interests, from building new machine learning algorithms to analyzing communication ecologies via network analysis.

Our core interest is the application of computational methods to answer complex and important questions about how people communicate with one another. We have two goals: (1) to perform cutting-edge computational research in areas such as natural language processing, big data, time series analysis, and network analysis, and (2) to build a community for scholars to teach scholars about new tools, programs, datasets, and resources.

Our members have spanned a wide range of academic disciplines, including Computer Engineering, Journalism & Mass Communication, Statistics, Library Services, Political Science, and Communication Arts.

We are a sister taxon of the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication‘s Social Media and Democracy Research Group. We are also affiliated with the Mass Communication Research Center.