We teach bi-weekly workshops on different computer programs, R packages, and Python scripts that are popular among researchers. In addition to these regular workshops, we are also available to teach workshops for other research groups on campus, and we frequently collaborate with other groups on campus to facilitate workshops within the Journalism & Mass Communication Department.

Resources from our 2018-2019 workshops can be found here.


Meet our Master Trainers

Students who have presented two or more unique workshops are considered Master Trainers. In the 2018-2019 year, we had three Master Trainers:

Josephine Lukito
Chuan Liu
Jiyoun Suk


2018-2019 Workshops

Date Topic Tools
Sept 14 Setting up R, data wrangling basics dplyr (R)
Sept 21 Data collection – MediaCloud MediaCloud archive and Python
Sept 28 No meeting
Oct 5 Data collection – scraping rvest(R)
Oct 12 No meeting
Oct 19 Data collection – Working with Twitter Data tweetr (R)
Oct 26 Text Analysis – tidytext tidytext (R)
Nov 2 Text Analysis – Programs with GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) [may begin late] LIWC, Diction, and Leximancer
Nov 9 Reporting Results – LaTeX [may begin late] LaTeX
Nov 16 Reporting Results – rmarkdown [may begin late] rmarkdown (R)
Nov 30 Reporting Results – Data visualization ggplot2 (R)
Dec 7 Text Analysis II – quanteda quanteda (R)

For more information about what we have taught, please visit our blog.

Popular Workshops

We teach these workshops regularly. For UW-Madison research groups and classes interested in one of these workshops, please contact our research group lead.

  • MediaCloud tutorial (1 hour)
  • rvest (R) tutorial (1.5 hours)
  • LIWC and Diction tutorial (2 hours)
  • tidytext (R) tutorial (2 hours)


Hosted Workshops

In addition to teaching our own workshops, we often collaborate with other departments and research groups. We have helped host the following workshops: